How to Sell a Home with Radon Issues


If you’re looking to sell your home but don’t want to deal with the hassles of a traditional sale, you may consider selling it to a cash buyer. These buyers typically pay a much lower price than other buyers and can close in a fraction of the time that a conventional financed home sale takes.

Unlike a mortgage, cash offers aren’t backed by any lender or bank. They don’t require appraisals or inspections. However, it’s still important to do a thorough inspection before you sell your house to a cash buyer. If major issues are discovered, the buyer could walk away from the deal and you’ll be left with a damaged home.

The first step is to find a good cash buyer who can pay the price you’re asking for your home. Some real estate companies will work with cash buyers to help them get a better deal on their homes.

There are many different types of cash buyers, including previous homeowners and very wealthy individuals. These buyers typically have a lot of money to put down on their new homes and don’t mind the extra expense of doing repairs. Also read


A cash offer can also be a great option for people who have inherited a home from a deceased family member or someone who needs to move quickly. These buyers don’t have the time to go through the typical process of getting a property ready to sell, so they’re happy to take a cash offer.

Some cash buyers can be a bit more expensive than other buyers because they aren’t in the business of buying houses for resale. Depending on the market, these companies can charge anywhere from a few percent to as much as 50% less than a house’s open market value.

They can be especially helpful if you have a property that’s in disrepair or that you need to sell quickly. They are also a good choice for avoiding the costs and hassles of a traditional sale, since you don’t have to deal with any repairs or renovations that can cost you thousands of dollars.

If you’re looking to buy a house for cash, it’s worth checking to see what type of warranty is offered. It’s also a good idea to read the small print carefully and make sure that there aren’t any hidden fees or charges.


You’ll also need to pay for an inspection and possibly a title company. These companies are responsible for determining the boundaries of your property and making sure that there are no liens or other legal issues that could affect your new purchase.

When you’re trying to sell a home for cash, it’s a good idea to hire an experienced agent. They will know how long it will take for your home to sell and can advise you on the best price point.

In addition, they can help you avoid common mistakes that can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. These include listing your house for too long, not doing enough repairs or updates to the property, and failing to prepare the home adequately for showings.

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