How Long Does It Take To Get Your Real Estate License?


Getting your real estate license is a big step in becoming a licensed broker or agent. Obtaining a real estate license involves meeting state education requirements, passing a real estate exam and completing a background check. Depending on your location, the number of courses required and whether you need to complete additional steps like finding a sponsoring broker, it can take anywhere from months to years to become a licensed real estate professional.

The first step in the licensing process is completing the required pre-licensing courses. Many states offer pre-licensing courses online, allowing students to work at their own pace and on their own schedule. However, some states require a set amount of classroom hours in the form of classes or seminars. These courses typically cover real estate principles (like terms like “lien,” “escrow,” and “encumbrance”), real estate practices (such as how to determine a property’s value), and the legal aspects of the real estate business. Also read

Once a student has completed their pre-licensing course(s), they’ll need to submit their course transcripts or completion certificate to the state real estate commission. The state will then provide the student with a list of approved real estate exam providers. The student can then select an exam provider, and book a test date. The student will also need to pay for the real estate exam. The cost of the exam varies by state.

Most states will allow a candidate to retake the real estate exam until they pass it. Generally, each retake will have a fee associated with it. Some states will provide a specific number of retakes, while others have a waiting period between attempts.

Some states have full or partial real estate license reciprocity, allowing a real estate agent to sell properties in other states without having to complete their education requirements again. This is a great way for agents to expand their real estate business, and it can save them time and money.

Once a student passes the state licensing exam, they can submit their license application to the regulatory body. Typically, these applications will require proof of successful completion of the exam, the school transcript or completion certificate and the sponsoring broker’s signature. The regulatory body will then process the application and issue a license.

During this process, it’s important to keep in mind that New York requires that a broker have a license to sponsor an associate. This can delay the processing of a license by up to three weeks or more.

Once a license is issued, it will expire in two years. During this time, the licensed real estate professional must take 18 hours of continuing education. It’s also important to make sure that the broker is up-to-date with the latest laws affecting their practice. These laws can include changes to real estate law, regulations and ethics. Continuing education can be done online or in-person, and is usually offered at a discounted rate for agents that are renewing their licenses.


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